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...Frederick Law Olmsted's work has passed the test of time; his work in Druid Hills set the stage and continues to influence metro Atlanta...
-Tina Fountain

Arnold Arboretum

While the Park Commission was deciding the fate of the overall park plan in Boston, Olmsted was engaged in a project that he would eventually include in the system. Charles Sprague Sargent asked him to help design the new Arnold Arboretum in Boston. Harvard University actually owned the grounds of the Arboretum, but Sargent wanted them to be incorporated into the Boston park. Sargent was able to commit the city to levying the funds to layout the land, while Sargent was allowed to plant it, thus Harvard's scientific experiments could be carried out. At first, President Eliot of the University and city officials was not in favor of the plan, but eventually the Arboretum was included in the plan.


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