A celebration of the life and work of Frederick Law Olmsted, founder of American landscape architecture.



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...Frederick Law Olmsted's work has passed the test of time; his work in Druid Hills set the stage and continues to influence metro Atlanta...
-Tina Fountain

Moraine Farm, Beverly Mass.

The Moraine Farm in Beverly Massachusetts is one of the many examples of estates that Olmsted planned.

In 1880 Olmsted began designing the 275 acre property that was purchased without the aid of mortgage loans as this kind of financial assistance was not yet introduced then. He saw the land of the estate as serving both private, those of the owner John Phillips, and public interests

Olmsted proposed to blend scientific farming and experimental forestry with the ideal of an English country retreat. To further prove his scientific ideas, he installed a drainage system in a forty acre field, which was so successful it still yields crops. His final touch was 75 acres of forestry.

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